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A revolution in dry land training.

Why settle when you can have the best? The Edge™ brings the benefits of swimming into your home, helping you achieve your fitness and competitive dreams.


Years of innovation to turbo-charge swimming.


Satisfaction in achieving a swimmer's physique without the pool.


More effective resistance compared to conventional methods.


Goal: Empowering a better, fitter you.

Dive into Innovation, Not Just Water

Discover how the Edge™ redefines ”aquatic” workouts.

Seamless Transition

Elevate Your Fitness, Elevate Your Life

Experience the unparalleled benefits of the Edge™.

Interactive Workouts

Interactive Workouts

Engage in virtual swim races and connect with a community of fitness enthusiasts.

Balanced Strength Development

Balanced Strength Development

Achieve symmetrical power in your strokes with real-time feedback and automatic adjustment capabilities.

Injury Prevention & Recovery

Injury Prevention & Recovery

Train without strain. The Edge™ offers a safe, low-impact workout, preserving your joints and aiding recovery.

Customizable Resistance

Customizable Resistance

Tailor your workout or set intensity with adjustable resistance, perfect for every fitness level.

Redefine Your Workout

Beyond Swimming: A Holistic Approach to Fitness

The Edge™ isn't just about swimming; it's about elevating your entire fitness regime.

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The Edge™ replicates the resistance and dynamics of swimming in water, while offering more convenience and more options. It's a complete workout solution that fits into your lifestyle.

You will see results in the first month and be amazed after six when used regularly

After only two months, one high school swim team's swimmers improved their 200 free times by an average of 7 seconds and their 500 free times got 20% faster.

That depends on how hard you work it, but one USMS swimmer who had never had a Top 10 finish, won six Masters Nationals medals, including two Golds after less than six months of using the machine!

In only six weeks, one satisfied user improved their mile time by a minute and a half.

Most propulsion comes from the upper body when swimming, but your legs will be engaged during every stroke due to the Edge's upright design.

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Absolutely! The Edge engages the core and upper body with minimal hip and knee flexion, or as little as you're comfortable with.

What our customers are saying

Larry Rouvelas
When I don't have time to drive to the pool, I climb onto the swim machine and get a solid upper-body cardio workout in 30 minutes.
The Edge works alongside my pool-based training, doing things the water cannot. I can adjust resistance to build power. I can stroke forever without flipturns which builds serious endurance.
I found it easy to use and remarkably versatile. The machine provides a safe and powerful workout on days I'm too busy to make it to the gym.
Michael D.
The Edge is the only swim trainer that allows the user to perform proper stroke technique as well as provide the opportunity for coaches to correct the most minute flaws.

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